We get so many amazing letters from our tea-sipping fans, we wanted to share the love. Sip, read, smile. And a warm "thank you" to everyone who has written us.

I Haven't taken a Single Zantac!

For anyone who is pregnant or otherwise experiencing heartburn, please do yourself a favor and order some Birds & Bees Teas Lighthearted Tea. I have enjoyed several different B&B teas over the years, but decided to order this to soothe my extreme pregnancy heartburn.

I have been taking Zantac twice a day for several weeks now and *still* experiencing significant and frequent heartburn.

Since my tea arrived, I haven't taken a single Zantac AND, more importantly, I can sleep horizontally, without being propped up with pillows at a ~45 degree angle. Did I mention they only use ethically harvested and sustainable ingredients? And it's delicious? Made in Colorado? Seriously. Check it out.

Like no other tea on the market!

Birds and Beas Teas are like no other tea on the market! I didn’t know about pregnancy teas until pregnant with my second child. I despised drinking water and found BB teas not only a super tasty alternative, but affordable and helpful to my pregnancy. I really enjoyed learning about the benefits of each tea. I liked the variety; a tea for the day time, right before bed, a few weeks before delivery, immunity and lactation help. I loved all the different kinds and found them to be full of flavor! I hate giving too practical gifts at baby showers and I think the teas make super cute gifts and can’t wait to share them with my expecting friends! ~ MB, "sensitive mommy taste buds in Denver."

Highest Quality!

The teas that I have purchased from Birds & Bees have all been delicious and of the highest quality. As a wild crafter and grower myself, I could tell as soon as I opened the bag how much care and attention went into the selection of the plants and the formulation of the teas. Smell, taste and appearance all testify. I am an absolute stickler when it comes down to it, because I know how plants are supposed to look, taste and smell when every step of the process from harvest to sale is well done. I'm not even pregnant but I am more than willing to pay for this amazing product. My two favorites so far are light hearted and easy nights, calm naps. Even my friends who don't like tea like this tea. Well done! I also appreciated receiving the follow up call. Great customer service and business acumen! L.R., Alaska

Amazing energy!

Pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and a newborn are hard work. Birds and Bees Teas are developed and blended by a woman with an amazing energy, spirit and healing touch. I feel that energy and healing seeping into me every time I drink one of these teas whether during my pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding or those now exhausting days and nights with my sweet baby. These teas, and their creator, have supported my mind and body during what have been for me, some of the most difficult, amazing, and emotional times in my life. I recommend that everyone support this newborn company, so that it can continue to support our babies from conception and beyond. ~ JLB, Highlands Mommy

Even for those who are not pregnant!

I am not pregnant and I am not a mother, nor am I likely to be at this point in life since I am a 56-year old male. My interest in these products comes purely from the perspective of a person who enjoys a flavorful cup of tea, and Birds and Bees’ Peaceful Pregnancy tea ranks as one of the best herbal teas that I have ever tasted. Everything about it is a delight to the senses: the sweet, tart, fruity flavor; the complex alluring aroma; the kaleidoscope of vibrant reds and greens; last but not least, the tangible freshness and high quality of the herbs. I may not have a uterus to support but this doesn’t hinder me from regularly enjoying a hot mug of Peaceful Pregnancy. ~ E. B. , Virginia City, Nevada

I Love how they make me feel!

I absolutely love Birds and Bees Teas! I am a mother of two, wife, and small business owner. I love these teas for so many reasons! # 1 reason is this past flu season! It was horrendous! Sicknesses and germs were being transferred to and from EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness for Jennifer's Family Immunity Tea! Everyone could drink it in my house, including my one year old, who loved it! Which speaking of I am still nursing and love Birds and Bees Our Lady of La Leche Tea to help me maintain a good supply of breast milk. Our in house lactation consultant at my small business, Sara Dale-Bley IBCLC, states that it has all the right ingredients to produce a healthy milk supply for growing babies! As a mom and a business owner I love these teas, I love the taste, the packaging, the instructions are easy, and most importantly I love how they make me feel! Thanks for making an incredible tea! ~ A.W., Denver Small Business Owner

My head was clearer!

"As a chiropractor, I am very familiar with what it takes to help and keep people well and healthy. When it comes to my own health, I am so fortunate to know great people in the community that I can depend on. And in this case, Jennifer helped me so much with an end-of-the-season, nasty cold. One call to her and I got a tin of the Family Immunity Tea. Following her recommendations, I drank 2-3 cups a day for 2 days. After just the first cup, I already felt different, better. My head was clearer than it had been in days, my energy boosted immediately and my chest and throat cleared up and relaxed from the congestion I had been dealing with. I am beyond lucky to know Jennifer both professionally and personally and I think the world of her. She is as sweet a person as she is knowledgeable and wise in herbs and teas--I trust her opinion and product totally and completely. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her teas strongly enough. There is a tea for everyone and outside of just the health aspect-they taste great!!! Call and order your tins, today!! You won't be disappointed.-Dr Greg Wolgin-Denver, CO"


I am in the middle years of my life and a man.

Birds & Bees Teas are all an incredible substitute for the bottled water I drank throughout the day. Full of unique flavor, extraordinary health benefits (which are already evident in the way I feel) and just simply fun to drink, these teas are a gift I give myself. Chances are I will never get pregnant, though I do have to shave daily, these teas will brighten your life, one moment, one sip at a time. You deserve it!