I want to extend the warmest of welcomes to you on behalf of Birds & Bees Teas. We understand the remarkable journey you're on, filled with the unique moments of fertility, pregnancy, and the beautiful postpartum period. Our herbal tea infusions are crafted for this journey with the utmost care and love.

Your purchase really means the world to us, and we are here to support you. We're so thrilled that you've chosen Birds and Bees Teas to be a part of your journey. Thank you for placing your trust in us.



Our Special Offer to You

As a token of our appreciation, we have a special treat for you! Whether you're currently expecting, planning for a little one, or basking in the postpartum glow, we'd like to offer you a 15% discount on your next purchase. Just use the coupon code: 15OFF during checkout. We hope this discount will make your next experience with Birds and Bees Teas even more delightful.

At Birds and Bees Teas, we are passionate about creating herbal tea infusions that are designed to nurture your well-being during these pivotal moments in your life:

Fertility: We understand the journey towards conception may not always be smooth, and our fertility tea is thoughtfully crafted to support you along the way.

Pregnancy: Your pregnancy is a precious time, and our pregnancy teas are carefully designed to provide comfort, relaxation, and essential nutrients for you and your growing baby.

Postpartum: The postpartum period can be both beautiful and challenging. Our postpartum tea is here to help you rejuvenate, regain strength, and cherish every moment.

Each of our blends is made with natural, high-quality ingredients, free from any harmful additives. Your well-being is our priority.

Nurture Yourself:

Your journey as a mother is remarkable, and we want you to embrace every moment fully. Alongside our teas, we encourage you to nurture yourself in every possible way. Take moments of tranquility, reflect, and embrace the beauty of your path. You deserve it.

Your Next Steps:

When you're ready to embark on another chapter of your journey with Birds and Bees Teas, simply use coupon code: 15OFF during your next purchase. It's a small way for us to say thank you for your continued trust and support.



As an extra gesture of our gratitude, we'd love to introduce you to the Manifesting Clarity course, a cherished resource among many Birds & Bees Teas Mommas! This course has helped women foster mindfulness not only in their own lives but also within their families. If you're curious and would like to explore further, simply click the link and use the exclusive discount code BBT40 to get started.


Once again, welcome to our Birds and Bees Teas family. We're here to support you, and we look forward to being a part of your beautiful journey.


With warm regards,

Jen Roth

Founder, Birds and Bees Teas